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Sarna's Classic Grill

About Us

The decor is a combination of classic Americana mixed with modern comfortable design. You’ll find a couple of welcoming dining areas, stone fireplaces, and a beautiful wide open rectangular bar, but it’s Sarna’s delicious cuisine that will keep you coming back for more.

Sarna’s Classic Ambience

From the moment you step through the bricked entry way, Sarna’s will enchant you with its warm and inviting atmosphere. We feature beautiful fireplaces, magnificent chandeliers and a mesmerizing waterfall in our stone walled patio area. Sarna’s is a casual, laid back atmosphere with an upscale twist. Its decor is that of semi old school/semi modern equipped with a couple of comfortable dining areas, stone fireplaces and a wide open rectangular bar.

The bar area is equipped with modern flat screens and a great sound system. The patio is quite tranquil with a continuous flowing waterfall and modern stone patio.

Dining Rooms

Look into reserving on of our dining rooms featuring a fire place, 50 inch flat screen TV, and seating up to 35 people.

They’re perfect for any special occasion, game, or event. Contact us today to begin planning your next event today!

*(Food and beverage minimums may apply)

Bar Area

New Menu Coming Soon

Patio Area

Our patio wasn’t added as an afterthought or a space filler. We feature extensive landscaping with a captivating waterfall centerpiece. The entire area is enclosed by stone walls and there is a tree filled backdrop framing it all. By day, sit in the cooling shade of one of our large umbrellas or choose to bask in the sun with the umbrella down. And in the evenings, the fire pit will enhance the scenic view of our Downtown Minneapolis skyline.

During inclement weather, you can still enjoy the view from one of our comfortable booths that overlook our beautiful patio area.

Enjoy a delicious meal or simply enjoy your favorite beverage in this idyllic oasis within the city.

Sarna’s is an eclectic Oasis right on the edge of Minneapolis and Columbia Heights.